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DEMA residents survey

These questions are for people who either stayed at the DEMA camp at 400 Administration Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95403 or wanted to stay at the camp but didn't.

1.Did you stay at the DEMA camp?

yes No No, I wanted to but they wouldn't let me in

2. If you stayed at the DEMA camp, are you ...

still there?
got kicked out?
was there, got kicked out, but then was let back in

3. Were you offered services while you were there?

yes no

4.If you were offered services, which ones were you offered? Check all that apply

Job referral
Case management
More permanent housing
Treatment program
Help applying for assistance (EBT, SSI, etc)

5. Were you treated with professionalism by staff and security?

yes no

Could you explain the reason{s) for your answer?

6. While residing at the camp, did you request accommodation for your disabilities or medical issues? (e.g. request for a service animal, request for hand rails, etc)


7. If you requested accommodation for your disabilities or medical issues, did you get a response from the camp?


8. Were you given a case worker?

not sure

9. If you were given case worker, how many times did you meet with your case worker?

10.While at the DEMA camp, did you feel safe?


11. While at the DEMA camp, did you report incidences of violence or theft to management?


12. If you reported incidences of violence or theft to management, were those reports investigated and taken seriously?

no, I don't think so, don't know, not sure

13. Do you have a plan for leaving when the DEMA camp closes?

I have a plan
I don't know where I'll go when the camp closes

Are you comfortable with your name being released with the survey results, or do you wish to remain anonymous?

Please publish my name with the survey results
Please keep my results anonymous

Other info you'd like to report:

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